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Reading Services

Volunteer Reading Services at ABF are available weekly, 3:30-5:30 PM. For earlier times, request adjustments when booking your reader at the ABF office. Ensure a spot by booking ahead!

Tech Talks

Join our monthly Tech Talks, focusing on accessibility. No signups required. Learn about the latest tech trends and share your insights. Engage, learn, and share at ABF’s open-for-all discussions!”

Seeking Additional Support?

Need document assistance or referrals? Contact the ABF office for support. We’re always here to help!

Upcoming January Events:

  • Bingo: Thursday night January 11 starting at 6 PM in the auditorium.
  • Tech Talk: Join us on January 25, at 1:15 PM in the auditorium
  • Open Bowling: Thursday night January 25, at 7 PM, downstairs in the basement.  
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As we turn the page on another year, we reflect on the cherished moments and accomplishments that have defined our community. It’s been a year dedicated to enhancing independence and nurturing social connections, and we hope our efforts have enriched your experience with us.

A standout memory
A standout memory from the year has been our lively bingo nights. These weren’t just games but vibrant gatherings, knitting our community closer together. Special congratulations to the ten bingo winners, particularly Rosalind Tavares for her outstanding first-place achievement. Your enthusiasm has been the heartbeat of these events.

Looking forward, we’re excited to unveil new services and social events designed to further enrich our community life. These upcoming initiatives promise to offer more ways for everyone to engage, connect, and thrive.

As we embrace the New Year, we do so with renewed energy and a commitment to making our community an even more vibrant and supportive space. Here’s to a year filled with health, happiness, and community spirit.

Happy New Year, and may it be filled with joy and new beginnings.